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Karen Russell


Karen Russell is a resident of Hutchinson, Kansas. She graduated from Hutchinson Community College with an Associate of Arts degree to teach school, a Bachelor of Arts Education from University of Colorado Boulder, and a Master of Special Education from Wichita State University. Horses have been a part of her life beginning at 3 years old. Her grandfather gave her a pony. Education kept her reaching for her goals and teaching for 24 years. Karen began competing at Kansas Western Horse Shows. She was high point woman for 4 years. American Quarter Horse Association shows would be her next competition. She used her teaching skills to train students and their horses to compete successfully. Karen conducted clinics throughout the United States, Canada, Israel, and Switzerland. Karen applied for an AQHA judging card. She continued judging shows and offering clinics for forty years. She sold her 50-year training stables two years ago and moved to town. Karen continues to give lessons today. Karen had two children: Amy, now deceased, and Burke, an athlete. Amy was successful as a high point KQHA youth, Youth Champion, reserve high point at the Congress show and earning awards for competing and achieving points in several categories. Amy was able to help with clinics and horse shows, training horses and riders. Throughout the years, Karen has collected pictures of family, friends, and students. Her basement (35’ x 65’) has photos and pictures on all walls plus three circle stands with awards and pictures. KR’S Gallery is almost finished. Karen’s new goal is to write and share her new book, As the Walker Turns----many stories----many stories.


Saturday in TPEC Workshop Room at 2:00PM

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