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Caleb Martin


Caleb Martin is known for his natural acting talent, likable personality, and outstanding work ethic, which has quickly earned him a great reputation among professionals in the film & music industry. In 2017, Caleb met his songwriting and performing partner Gary S. Pratt. Soon after, forming the Martin & Pratt duo. He is an experienced professional horseman and has been riding and training horses since he was young. He has also competed on the rodeo circuit as an Award-Winning Team Roper since age 9. Recently he has had the opportunity to use his horse riding, musical vocals & stunt skills in the next prequel to “Yellowstone”, “1923”. Caleb is playing the role of “Dennis” co-starring with veteran actors Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren, Robert Patrick, and Timothy Dalton.


Thursday Evening Special Event in TPEC Arena 6:00pm

Friday & Saturday on the 4H Stage TBD

Sunday Cowboy Church in 4h Building 9:00am

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