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Angeline Salicetti & Sampson


Angeline Saliceti and her mustang Samson are both 16yrs old and live in Topeka, Kansas. They
hold numerous State, Regional, National, and World Titles, and are the 2022 Extreme Cowboy
Association’s Youth Reserve World Champions!
Samson was born in Green Mountain, Wyoming in 2006 and had a bit of a rough start. He spent
a few years in the Hutchinson Kansas Correctional Facility program, and was adopted and
returned twice as unrideable. The Saliceti family adopted him in 2012 when he and Angeline
were both just 6yrs old.
They have been competing in the Extreme Cowboy Association for 10yrs, and have qualified
each time for FINALS in the World Championships! They won their first two World Titles when
they were 10yrs old.
As a result of their success, Angeline represented the United States in the European Cup at
Equita Lyon, Europe’s leading equestrian affair, in front of 175,000 people. To this day, at 11yrs
old, she remains the youngest International Ambassador for Extreme Cowboy Racing and
Angeline and Samson have been featured in multiple news and social media outlets in the
United States, Europe, and the Caribbean. You can even see them in the BLM’s 50yr
anniversary Wild Horse Calendar, as well as several magazines.
Outside of obstacle racing, Angeline and Samson hold Championship Titles at the State Fair in
everything from Reining, to English Jumping, and even Pleasure classes. They have been
featured breed exhibitors at Equine Festivals as well as State Fairs doing demonstrations in
jumping, extreme obstacles, and how to use a companion horse in training.
Angeline trains her own horses and is the ONLY Youth to have ever shown in the Futurity and
against the Pros at EXCA Nationals and World Finals and has so since she was 12yrs old. She
is also the 2020 Wild Horse Youth Challenge Champion. She hopes to serve as an inspiration to
others to put in the hard work to “saddle your own horse.”
At 15 years old Samson and Angeline earned the distinction of the youngest rider to earn a
REGIONAL PRO division Grand Champion Title

Special Appearance, Celebrate EquiFest

Celebrate EquiFest, Thursday at 6:00pm in TPEC Arena

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