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Ifa Simmonds


Ifa Simmonds is a certified fitness performance coach for equestrians with over a decade of experience and creator of The Equestrian Fitness Academy (EFA). He empowers riders through holistic fitness and wellness programs to enhance their performance in the saddle. His primary goal is helping riders improve their riding fitness with greater stability, suppleness, strength, and stamina in the saddle. He's trained a host of disciplines, from trail riders to competitive professional dressage, eventing, western pleasure, reining, hunter/jumper riders, and their riding coaches. Ifa brings his expertise in functional fitness, yoga, and pilates to EFA through education and certifications. He is a clinician, writer, and presenter who's been on the speaking circuit at Equine Affaire Ohio and Mass. He also enjoys working with different organizations and is featured on multiple podcasts. EFA is the leading holistic fitness coaching program for equestrians in English and western disciplines dedicated to enhancing balance, position, and athleticism.


Wednesday March 13 - Saturday March 16: *Schedule a Personal Assessment/Personal Training Plan with Ifa 

Thursday March 14

9:30am TPEC WORKSHOP ROOM, Perfect 5 Minute Mobility Routines

1:00pm 4H STAGE, Coffee Talk Discussion

Friday March 15

9:30am TPEC WORKSHOP ROOM, Best Mental and Physical Exercises to Become More Balanced

3:00pm 4H STAGE, Take the Reins- Mastering Mind, Body & Saddle Connection

Saturday March 16

10:00am TPEC WORKSHOP ROOM, How to Overcome Balance & Stability Issues

2:30pm 4H STAGE, The 8 Best Exercises That Build Strong Core & Stabilize Your Position

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