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Mary Blake


Buckeye by birth and Kansan by choice, Mary began her energy therapy (Reiki) training in 2009 in Los Angeles and began working with rescued farm animals. It proved so rewarding she devoted her practice to animals and their caregivers. Mary completed her first Master certification in 2012 and relocated to Denver where she volunteered as a vet tech at Dumb Friends League, a dog/cat rescue; and as a Reiki practitioner at Cat Care Society. She quickly became a horse lover and from 2014-2021, offered energy therapy to the horses at Zuma’s Rescue Ranch, an equine sanctuary in Littleton. It proved to be a life-changing experience. She also volunteered at Medicine Horse Program in Boulder, an equine assisted therapy facility. In 2020, Mary was a speaker at Denver’s Rocky Mountain Horse Expo. She is devoted to increasing awareness of the many benefits of energy therapy to both horses and their owners. “My goal is to strengthen the bond between horse and owner through a better understanding of the energy exchange between horses and humans, how horses are stressed, and help both owner and horse create a stronger partnership based on trust.” Tom Dorrance and Buck Brannaman are her sources of inspiration. In March 2021, she relocated to Kansas to be near her family. Her practice is based in Olathe.

Intro to Energy Therapy for Horses

Friday, 2:00pm to 3:00pm, Workshop Room upstairs TPEC

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