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Robert Eversole


Robert Eversole, "The TrailMeister," owns and operates the world's largest horse trail and horse camp guide, Internationally recognized clinician, keynote speaker, riding instructor, and author of the best-selling book "The ABCs of Trail Riding and Horse Camping" Robert "the TrailMeister" coaches horse owners of every experience level on how to enjoy trail riding and camping with equines. He shares his experiences and explains what works (and why!) and what hasn't worked over the decades, he's been riding, camping, and packing across the continent. A refugee from corporate America, Robert built the world's largest guide to horse trails and camps,, when he found that accurate information was unavailable. In his clinics and trail-riding columns in leading equine publications, Robert draws from his experiences as a veteran of the US Marine Corps, a PATH-certified riding instructor, and decades of teaching equestrian and outdoor skills.
Robert's passion is providing educational and entertaining information to help horse owners move past their fears and on to their ambitions and dreams of trail riding and horse camping. He emphasizes practical horsemanship and outdoor skills in his trail riding and camping clinics. TrailMeister clinics and the website are filled with practical, workable information that every rider and camper can use. Web visitors and clinic attendees will leave with the tools and confidence they need to enjoy the great outdoors safely. Robert helps riders realize their goals. When not on the trail, Robert belongs to a mule named Ruger and a dog named Boo.


Thursday March 14

10:30am 4H STAGE, The ABC's of Trail Riding

2:00pm 4H STAGE, Front Country Horse Camping-What to know before you go

Friday March 15

10:30am TPEC WORKSHOP ROOM, A Fine & Pleasant Misery- The hows and whys of back country horse camping

1:30pm TPEC WORKSHOP ROOM, Why WIlderness Camping Should Be on Your Ride Bucket List

Saturday March 16

11:00am TPEC WORKSHOP ROOM,What Really Happens When you Press SOS

4:00pm TPEC WORKSHOP ROOM, Getting Back In the Saddle

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