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Sarah Smith & Ruby Rinne


Learn how to take your enjoyment of trail riding to a whole new level through competitive trail riding (CTR). This family friendly equine sport incorporates strategy, pacing, teamwork, conditioning, soundness, agility, and equestrian skills. Since 1961, the North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC) has sanctioned rides in six regions across North America, helping riders of all ages learn the sport of competitive trail riding. Alongside other equine enthusiasts, you can deepen the relationship with your horse while learning new skills and setting your own competitive goals in a safe, friendly, and welcoming environment. CTR is not a race, but rather a timed event. It is a distance sport competition over a measured trail that is completed within a window of time. It is a great family activity open to riders ages 8+ and all equine breeds. Presenters – Sarah J. Smith, Executive Director NATRC, Ruby Rinne, first time Jr competitor, John Zeliff, President NATRC, Marla Stucky and Marilyn Marston, multi-National NATRC Champions, and NATRC members Kristen Schmalzried and Cheryl Bohling.

NATRC Region 6- Intro to Competitive Riding

Saturday, 12;30pm to 1:30pm, Workshop Room upstairs TPEC

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