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Gary Wiggins


Academy of Western Artists selected Gary Wiggins as "Bit and Spur Maker of the Year in 2017". Gary Wiggins has been a full-time bit and spur maker since the mid 90's. Along with bits and spurs he has spent many hours building conchos, bridle buckles, belt buckles, trophy buckles, saddle silver, saddle hardware, jewelry, etc.; anything to do with cowboy gear. He learned how to build bits and spurs mostly by watching others and picking up tips from many bit and spur makers over the years. He has great respect for friends like Russell Yates, Ernie Marsh, Mark Dahl, Jerry Cates, among many others. Wiggins has taught both the art of silver smithing and bit and spur making to students that come to his shop and the local high school. Gary's dad (Denzil Wiggins) was a silversmith and Gary learned how to work silver, cut silver, and solder silver from him. Most of the tools and equipment Gary uses today are "hand me downs" from Denzil. Gary has been the subject of magazine articles over the years such as Western Horseman, Ranch World Ads, Eclectic Horseman and newspapers. He has been awarded the Adolf Bayers award in 2015 as well as a "Best of show" and a couple of "People’s Choice" Awards at the Art of The Cowboy Makers Contest. Wiggins lives with his wife and business partner, Cynthia, and together they own a small cow calf operation in northwest Kansas, south of the little town of Brewster. After 20 years in the business, Gary still has a fire and passion for making quality gear made for the cowboy. He says, "It is a great honor to do what I do for a living, Our cup runneth over."


Saturday in TPEC Workshop Room at 12:45PM

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