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Russ Wiegers


Russ Wiegers, Certified Farrier, was a country kid born and raised in Western Kansas. He started shoeing horses when he was 18 years old and has continued for 46 years. Russ grew up with horses his whole life which aided in his decision to become a farrier. Russ attended Oklahoma State Horseshoeing School in Ardmore, OK. Over the years, he has shod a large variety of horses, from feedlot horses to specialty and therapeutic horses. He continued his education by joining several farrier associations including the Kansas Farriers Association and the American Farriers Association. Russ achieved his Certified Farrier status in 2018. Russ is passionate about continuing education to uphold the integrity of the farrier profession and has mentored several young farriers with their careers.


Saturday in TPEC Workshop Room at 12:45PM

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