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Ruben Little Head


Ruben Little Head, Northern Cheyenne, was brought up speaking his native language and learning a lot from his Cheyenne elders. Originally from Tongue River and Lame Deer, MT, Ruben was taught a lot about the drum, such as respect, protocol, etiquette, and different mannerisms. Currently, Ruben lives in Lawrence, Kansas. He is a graduate of Haskell Indian Nations University, and he works as an independant tribal consultant with various US tribal organizations and Canadian First Nations.  Most of his work is within the capacities of Development, Empowerment and Revitalization. Ruben is also a coach and trainer for the sport of basketball. Ruben is an extraordinary speaker and narrator of Native American traditions. He has served as a distinguished announcer for the largest pow wow in North America, Gathering of Nations, since 2010. With vitality he reaches into the heart of what a celebration of tradition is all about. His enthusiasm and passion for uniting nations and making everyone feel welcome is infectious. Ruben gives 110% to every event. “As an emcee, when your voice carries, it can also heal, and it can brighten up someone’s day. It helps the drummers to get into it, the dancers to get into it -- people just feel good there. And it feels good knowing that we’re still carrying out our native traditions.”


Thursday March 14th:

One Night Only, Don't Miss Celebrate EquiFest- World of Horses, a spectacular show of horsemanship, humor, traditions & talent. Ruben will help tie it all together for us as we enjoy all aspects of this unique theater style display including traditional Native American dance & regalia. 

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